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(verify) ZofzPCB: Copper + Components

Premium License for ZofzPCB: Unlock Advanced Features

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Unlock advanced features and support the development of the FREE 3D Gerber, ODB++ & IPC-2581 Viewer with the premium license.

With the premium license, you'll get access to exclusive features and future releases, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of PCB design technology. Plus, by purchasing the premium license, you'll be directly supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of the free viewer, helping to keep it available to everyone in the PCB community. Invest in your own success while giving back to the community - get your premium license today.

The license includes future releases - new features.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


ZofzPCB Features:

ODB++ Viewer
Components ModelerSimple/Extruded
Body Builder
Programmatic Interface
View-Only Mode
Compare Designs
STEP File Export


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