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Internet Browser Opens Zofz-Project file


(verify) ZofzPCB: Copper + Components

View-Only Mode

Premium feature.

Uniform 3D PCB Assembly Model Viewer for all ECAD systems

Since Version 1.1.0, there had been a significant change in the mesh project file, also known as the "Rendered Board" or ".zofzproj" file.

The premium license component modeler output can be now viewed in the free version. Just save the Rendered Board in the View-Only Mode.

  1. The View-Only file format is handled differently than the standard ".zofzproj" file:
    1. premium components view is enabled, regardless of the license,
    2. it is impossible to change settings, like stackup,
    3. however, the view and search settings are active,
    4. it is impossible to re-render the board,
    5. optionally disabled:
      1. Orthogonal FOV (disabling CAM quality rendering)
      2. Screenshot
      3. Netlist Dialogs
      4. Components Dialogs
      5. Hoover Cursor Info
      6. Measurements
  2. Gerber files are not included in the View-Only File.
  3. The file is encrypted to block changing it or extracting the mesh data.
  4. The file is compressed to about 10% of its previous size, making it fit for internet transfer.

See your board just as it will look when it comes back from assembly

Generate View-Only encrypted mesh file, for others to see, in a free version

Export STEP file - 3D model of the bare board and the mounted components

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ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer View Only Save Dialog

"View-Only" format publishing example:

Shop - PCB Modules for sale

You need the ZofzPCB viewer ver.1.1.0 to view and explore the PCB mesh files.

Download and install. (Windows only)

ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer Icon

When you use the links for the first time, the internet browser will ask you what to do with the files. The best option is to automatically open files of the ".zofzproj" type.

PCB modules listing

USB Board Icon
  • 868MHz transceiver Board
  • Nordic nRF903
  • USB interface
  • price: 8.99 Buckazoids
  • 3D model all features enabled
USB Board Icon
  • 868MHz transceiver Board
  • Nordic nRF903
  • USB interface
  • price: 8.99 Buckazoids
  • 3D model all features limited

How to implement it on your website

  1. Create .zofzproj file from the PCB CAM data (gerbers, drills, IPC-356 netlist, csv-BOM), using the ZofzPCB 3D Gerber Viewer. Use premium features - components modeler and ViewOnly saving options.
    Upload .zofzproj file to a hosting service, the same way, as e.g. picture files.
  2. Place a link on your web site. The best is a picture link. ZofzPCB can be used to create the picture, as in the example above. Please set the "type" attribute to "application/octet-stream". Example:
    <a href="projects/USB_All.zofzproj" type="application/octet-stream">
    <img alt="USB Board Icon" title="3D Model Download Link" src="" width="250" height="128" /></a>
  3. For some browsers it is important to receive the "application/octet-stream" as the Content-Type entry in the received HTTP header. I have added a line into .htaccess file, but it can be achieved in another way, e.g. for the PHP based content managing systems or PHP created pages. My .htaccess line:
    AddType application/octet-stream .zofzproj

Licensing options:
Trial, €95, €295