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(verify) ZofzPCB: Copper + Components

ZofzPCB USB-Dongle License Verification Option

ZofzPCB Enky AL USB Dongle Photo

In certain situations, network restrictions can affect the verification of your ZofzPCB license. If you find yourself encountering these restrictions, our USB-Dongle provides a dependable solution to verify and secure your license.

Simplified Setup:

To use the USB-Dongle, simply plug it into your computer, and your ZofzPCB license will be activated. There's no need for complex setup, and no additional drivers are required.

Affordable License-Verification:

We offer the USB-Dongle at a cost of 15 EUR, plus shipping and tax or custom, making it a cost-effective way to protect your license.

Receiving Your USB-Dongle Key:

To receive your USB-Dongle key, please send us an email from the address used for the license order, and we will promptly send the key to your provided postal address. The Internet-based node-lock grant will be disabled.

If you know in advance that Internet node-lock is not possible on your corporate network, you can order the license right away in the form of a USB dongle through the RFQ/PO process.

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