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ZofzPCB Logo ZofzPCB:

- Rafal Powierski, is a sole proprietorship company, located in Cologne, Germany.

My target is to provide PCB test software for the electronics professionals and enthusiasts.
I hope you share my passion to game like graphics and control interface.

The ZofzPCB Timeline

I am fascinated by electronics and especially the by the PCB technology, since early childhood. I could be staring into the back of my granpa's radios for hours, on a regular basis.

CRT graphics were the most important feature of my first owned, self build, Z80 computer. My first big projects were related to generating moving computer images in the PC/XT era, that of course, required building a special hardware.

I have moved to the Computer Vision projects, for some time. Later, I got back to the GPUs, when I saw The Witcher game, running on my friend's powerful Direct3D hardware. Of course, I needed an excuse, to buy my own serious Graphic Card.

The Matrix made me very interested in simulations, especially EM simulation. Later on, I have realized how complicated it is, both marketing and development-wise.

Now, I am developing ZofzPCB, in hope of creating an useful and cool tool.

And BTW, "Zofz" is my nickname.

zofz head zofz with chip-head Old Picuure - Soldering a CPM plug-in ISA Board

Screenshot od ZofzPCB prototype Old Picuure - Soldering a CPM plug-in ISA Board, PC XT in background