Import 3rd party Models

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Import 3rd party Models

Post by -Tom-Tom- »

I think that would be a Game-Changer!
There are a lot of perfect *.step-Models that you can get direct from the manufacturer. To download from their websites for free.
It would be great if you could import them directly into Zofz and assign them to the respective components.
It would be even better if there were a small library where these would be saved for the next project.

For example our Project:

  • Step 1: I import my Gerber + *.ipc-File into ZofzPCB.
  • Step 2: With a lot of work I change and model the 3D-Models
  • Step 3: *.step-Export
  • Step 4: Import the *.step Model in Fusion360 and add all Sockets, (nicer) Capacitors, special Inductors, … that are not available in ZofzPCB.
  • Step 5: I save my new *.step-File
  • Step 6: Now I can use it in my 3D-Projects or Render it, …
Steps 4 and 5 would be excellent if it is possible in ZofzPCB
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Re: Import 3rd party Models

Post by Zofz »

I have been quite disappointed on the STEP file format. It is very complicated, the standard description is hard to read. (I am used to PDFs but STEP is too huge for pdf. It is provided as html huge static website with crosslinks.) So, i decided for open Cascade library. At the time it was also kind of unreliable. But now, looking at the Free CAD (the associated program, based on this library) it appears much more robust. So that would be probably a good moment to use the lib for reading and maybe triangulating the models.
The alternative is the Parasolid Core lib. It is a core of SolidWorks and Autodesk software, as far as i know. The lib is expected to be much higher quality. There are more file types it can read and write. The problem is the cost. And if they have a licensing model, fitting zofzpcb license concept. I would have to contact Mentor/Siemens about it.
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