Last open path is not remembered

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Last open path is not remembered

Post by Kaziq »

Not a very important bug, but quite annoying. The program seems to be stuck on a previous load path. Each time I open autoload dialog, the initial path is one of my previous projects. I then have the browse to the gerber files of the project I want to view, then autoload. Then since the drill file is in another directory (Altium Circuit Studio), I right click on the drill file list, and use "Add drill file", and the browse path starts at the old project AGAIN.
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Re: Last open path is not remembered

Post by Zofz »

OK, I have fixed this right now. (Unfortunately, the next release will be at the end of the year.)

A workaround: first save an empty .camset file in the directory, you want to become a new start.
Later overwrite (File/SaveAs is needed) with your defined stackup settings.
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