Option to recursive load

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Option to recursive load

Post by kimmoli »

Our gerber generation wants to place Drill, Gerbers and Stencil gerbers (paste mask) to their own folders, which we then add to zip file.


Now to load such tree, i need to copy the files to single directory (flat) for the Autoload to work properly.

Would it be possible to e.g. recurse into a Zip file or selected folder to collect files according to rule?

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Re: Option to recursive load

Post by Zofz »

I have seen this in Eagle. (is it Eagle?)
And I had to do the same file shuffling.
Assuming the file names are still distinctive, it should not be too complicated.

Checkbox for "Include Subdirectories"


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Re: Option to recursive load

Post by kimmoli »

PADS Professional. We manually configured it like this because reasons (Drill generation deletes all files from target folder, and stencil gerbers go to different fab)

FWIW the rules are as follows.

Code: Select all

Silkscreen T silkscreen-top.pho
Silkscreen B silkscreen-bottom.pho
SolderMask T soldermask-top.pho
SolderMask B soldermask-bottom.pho
PasteMask  T pastemask-top.pho
PasteMask  B pastemask-bottom.pho
Copper     T top.pho
Copper     M layer*.pho
Copper     B bottom.pho
Drill_PTH    thruholeplated.ncd
Drill_NPTH   thruholenonplated.ncd
BoardOutline outline.pho
IPC356       *.ipc
(And thanks for the great application. I've used free version of Viewmate for gerber checking but it shows some things "correctly" which fails in PCB manufacturer. ZofzPCB shows them as the end product is, i.e. wrong. This is related to Macros in gerber. I try get this fixed by Siemens)

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