Internet Browser Download Security

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Internet Browser Download Security

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I have been going through this two times; annoying experience.

When I publish a program on the internet for the first time, any internet browser will not let anyone download and run it. Instead, the browser will complain that the program is insecure and you have to go away. So you have to be persistent, try options, and finally, you will succeed.
After some time, the program becomes safe.
There are no more questions asked, just downloading and executing.

How does it go?
  1. First, I had to wait for a number of downloads to be performed, despite the warning. About 1000.
  2. In the search console, I got a warning, that I have a link to a harmful download on my website. That was feeling kind of rude or scary for the first time.
  3. Do not change anything. Google is just trying to scare you. Go ahead and directly ask for a review.
  4. The response comes:
  5. Anyone can download and execute my program without the Smart Screen warning, finally :-)
Before I had the signing certificate, the file was recognized by the exact program URL. So when the new version was created, it was essential not to change the URL to keep the trust.
It is crucial to have a code signing certificate. Once earned, trust is valid for everything I sign, regardless of the URL.

Prolonging the certificate does not trigger the warning, but buying a new certificate from another source does. So we have to wait again.

I would not try to go through it without checking the file by

And now, I realy have to pay attention, not to catch anything. I can imagine that the trust will be tough to regain once lost.
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