Drill / Pad Fit Warning

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Drill / Pad Fit Warning

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What does this Warning mean?
I have the problem more often, especially with designs with very few vias.

I attached the Gerber files and 3D.camset for analysis.

At ZofzPCB
Same problem at ZofzPCB
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Re: Drill / Pad Fit Warning

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Many Gerber files and associated drill files have a different offset. For example, if you enable the 'center' function.
Therefore, the 'Auto-Offset' function is enabled by default (in Drill File Parameters - right-click on the drill plates window and select 'Setup Excellon Format'). You may switch the auto-offset off if your files are exported 'correctly'.
This popup is just a warning that the number of matching points (vs. all points) is not too high. But as I see, the holes are placed correctly, thanks to the two corner drills associated with pads.
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