PDN analyser 🌡️📊

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PDN analyser 🌡️📊

Post by Destinity »

Your application is perfect for viewing PCB manufacturing files and even exporting them for visual rendering. I've been waiting for an app like this for a long time that doesn't feel like it's stuck in time. Currently this tool is a gem for diagnosing my cards quickly.

I have filled in the diagnostics portion but when I look at your application I tell myself that there is not much missing to launch thermal simulations (PDN analysis). This functionality would save me a lot of time and money in the development of tests so I will see an added value that I would be ready to pay without hesitation.
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Re: PDN analyser 🌡️📊

Post by Zofz »

Sadly, I still have a lot of housekeeping work, like debugging (mostly related to the new ODB++ feature, as of May 2023) and dealing with security scan results. So yes, that would be an exciting topic, even though I already know it is difficult to write and even more difficult to market. (See the high prices of such software - a bad sign). Nevertheless, I hope to be back in this challenging development direction someday - thank you for inspiration.
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